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The New Tax Law means what to YOU?

What are the intricate details and affects to you of the 2017 Tax Bill?

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Call Now to discuss New Tax Bill


It Affects Everyone….

The Professional Accounting & Tax Support You Deserve!

The new tax law for both individuals and businesses, small and large, have many moving parts. The standard deduction doubling often means nothing for a family of 3. For a family of 4, it likely raises your taxes. You used to itemize your deductions? That means you may likely pay more in taxes. The Child Tax Credit doubles - yes and no. Small businesses setup as a "Schedule C", and not a partnership or S-corp may not realize the tax businesses. How are you setup?

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Offering full bookkeeping services from customer to cash.  Sales invoicing to collecting the cash. Expense management to payments.

Business Strategy

Without a sound strategy, and written goals, your monetary risk increases ten-fold. Help is a phone call away.

Tax Planning

Minimizing your tax bill is key to optimizing your wealth. Every individual and business has a unique situation.  Help is a phone call away.


For many small businesses this is a hassle. Help is a phone call away.

Take Control of Your Finances
Every individual and business has a unique situation requiring careful planning to reduce your taxes and optimize your cash and net worth.
Business Strategies
Once your goals, strategies, and tactics are created, it is a great time to create to create tax planning strategies.
Developing Your Tax Strategies
Tax strategies are not only to reduce your tax liability, but to also maximize your cash-flow in current and future years.
Risk and opportunities are ever changing in the world. Staying on top of your risk in relation your current net worth, and personal goals,  helps you make better decisions to manage your risk.


Steven Berley is a licensed CPA and MBA with 24 years of accounting and finance experience.

Steven has also authored Amazon books on commodity accounting, trading and risk management, and has published articles on ERM and audit articles in IIA (Type ‘Steven Berley’ in Amazon).

Steven’s wife, Kelley, works for the Union County Chamber of Commerce. Steven is from a small town in Ohio bringing the same small-town values held in any similar small town in America.

Steven has been married 25 years and has three children, two dogs and a horse.


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